Duncan Whyte publication design

(As of February, 2017)

Forthcoming publications

Jerry Berndt, Beautiful America (Steidl, 2017)
Hank O'Neal, A Vision Shared (Steidl, 2017)
Guy Archard, Cumulus (Bemojake, 2017)
William Eggleston, Election Eve (Steidl, 2017)
Deana Lawson (Aperture, 2017)
Maxwell Anderson, Stop Making Sense (Bemojake, 2017)

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Selected recent publications

David Freund, Gas Stop
Mark Neville, Child's Play
Frank Gohlke, Joel Sternfeld, Landscape as Longing
Langdon Clay, Cars
Mark Neville, Fancy Pictures
Peter Hujar, Lost Downtown
Martin Barnes (ed.), Curtis Moffatt
Gordon Parks, I Am You
Robert Polidori, 60 Feet Road
Berenice Abbott, Paris Portrait
Philip Trager, New York in the 1970s
Fazal Sheikh, Erasures (newspaper)
Peter Hujar, Lost Downtown (newspaper)
Gordon Parks & Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man
Polly Braden, Great Interactions
Thomas Zander (ed.), Double Elephant
Lee Friedlander & Pierre Bonnard, Photographs & Drawings
William Eggleston, The Democratic Forest
Fazal Sheikh, The Erasure Trilogy
Fazal Sheikh & Eyal Weizman, The Conflict Shoreline
Ben Burbridge, Revelations
Wendy Ewald, This is Where I Live
Gordon Parks, Back to Fort Scott
Jungjin Lee, Unnamed Road
Luke Fowler, Two Frame Films
Thomas Struth, Thomas Struth
William Eggleston, From Color to Black and White
Rosalind Solomon, THEM
Gordon Parks, Segregation Story
Janet Delaney, South of Market
Tony Ray Jones, American Colour
Martin Kollar, Field Trip
Trent Parke, Minutes to Midnight
Trent Parke, The Christmas Tree Bucket
Peter Marron, A Polish Winter
Bruce Davidson, England/Scotland 1960
Berenice Abbott, Unknown Abbott
Klaus Staeck and Gerhard Steidl, Beuys Book
Gordon Parks, Works
Miles Aldridge, Other Pictures
Kenji Hirasawa, Celebrity
Bruce Davidson, Black and White
Berenice Abbott, Documenting Science
Joel Sternfeld, First Pictures
Orri, Interiors
Robert Frank, Pangnirtung